Thursday, 14 June 2012


Last week (6th of june) we had prom at our school with all the graduating classes. Above you can see my arrival together with a friend - we hired a ricksha for that. I'm on the left. My dress looks really short, but it wasn't that short. They took the photo immediately after we jumped out of the ricksha, so I didn't have the time to pull my dress down haha. Walking on the red carpet was amazing, I almost felt like a celebrity! The party was great too.
Today is a nerve-racking day, because I'll get the results of my national exams. Am I graduated or not? I'll tell you as soon as possible!
Oh and by the way: ROME WAS AMAZING! =)

Love, Tamara

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  1. Wat een super foto! Echt leuk!


Thank you! =)