Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Photo A Day

I got back from London on monday, but I'll tell you everything AFTER I'm back from Rome where I'm going to tomorrow! Just so you know: London was a-ma-zing! :) For now I just show you my photos from the photo a day challenge of june.

Day 01 - Morning
Our flight left friday morning at 08.40u, so it was really early. I made a photo out of the plane when we were flying above England!

 Day 02 - Empty
My plan was to write and send some postcards home, but unfortunately we couldn't find any mailboxes or post offices. I took them home with me empty.

Day 03 - On your plate
The one thing my friends and I really wanted to do in London was a high tea, so we did one on sunday.
We all got a stand with lots to eat on it. It was even so much, we didn't even got dinner that day haha!

Day 04 - Close-up
I bought this necklace at Forever 21 on Oxford Street. I wanted such a necklace for a long time. I even ordered one once at H&M, but when the package arrived they had sent me earrings instead of that necklace, because the necklace was probably out of stock. I'm really happy with it!

Day 05 - Sign
Today there's a prom at our school and yesterday my friend and I picked up our carriage - a ricksha. We definitely love all the signs on the back of it!

So tonight I have my prom at school. I have no cute hats for today's photo, so I guess I'm just taking a picture of my hair. I'm leaving for the hairdresser in half an hour, it's gonna look really pretty I hope!

Love, Tamara

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