Monday, 25 June 2012

Rome part II

1) Fountain at Piazza della Rotonda 2) Me on the Spanish steps 3) The Spanish steps 4) Fountain at the parc of Villa Borghese 5) Flowers at Piazza Navona 6) Vittoriano 7) "It's your mission to save your dream"

Love, Tamara

Friday, 22 June 2012

Rome part I

1) A seagulf 2) Forum Romanum 3) Colosseum 4) Together with my cousin and gladiators haha 5) Fontana di Trevi 6) Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi 7) Piazza Navona 8) Souvenirshop with my name! 9) St. Peter 10) Sight from Castel Sant' Angelo 11) Angle inside St. Peter

Some photos from Rome. It's such a beautiful city and I really want to go back there once!

Love, Tamara

Thursday, 21 June 2012

New in | London

Blouse, shoes, matching necklace and ring Primark | Lace dress New Look | Necklace with dreamcatcher Forever 21 | Rings with live, love, laugh Topshop | Necklace with matching earrings Accessorize

My boughts from London. We first went to the Primark and I have to admit, that's not really a shop for me. I mostly don't really love the collections and I just don't like to shop there - it's always so filled with lots of people haha! But when I do shop there, I always come home with jewelry. This time, I also found a blouse with lace on it, love it! And the shoes.. they're so cute! When I walked into the New Look, I immediately fell in love with this amazing lace dress. Don't you love it? I also found the necklace I wanted for a really long time at Forever 21. I once ordered such a necklace with a dreamcatcher, but they sent me earrings instead of that necklace. I was so furious, because I really wanted the necklace! But they said it was out of stock, so that's why they had sent me the earrings. So stupid. But fortunately, I finally found such a necklace and I actually like this one more!

Today summer started in Holland, but I can't see any sun.. Lucky me, I'm leaving for France next week, can't wait! Are you going on vacation this summer?

Love, Tamara

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

London part II

1) A lamppost, again... 2) Marble Arch 3) High Tea 4) British Museum

The third day we went to Oxford Street again and after that, we did a high tea nearby our hotel. It was delicious! We all got our own standard and that for only 8 pounds! Loved it! The last day, we went to see Harrods and afterwards we went to the British Museum. Then it was already time to go home, unfortunately... We had some problems with the airplane: the brakes were broken, so we had a delay of almost two hours. But because of that we could see the sunset from out of the airplane, so beautiful! :)

Love, Tamara

Monday, 18 June 2012

London part I

1) London Eye (and a lamppost...) 2) Tower Bridge 3) Lots of M&Ms! (I'm left) 4) Piccadilly Circus 5) On London Eye (I'm third from left) 6) London Eye by night 7) Big Ben by night

On the first day, we did a boattrip on the Thames for some sightseeiing. Our guide on that boat was just genious: "Here are the safety measures: when you're on top of the boat, you just jump off and I'll throw you a life jacket. If it doesn't match with your clothes, you just throw it back to me." He had lots of jokes about London, but I only remembered this one. After the boattrip, we went to Leicester Square where lots of musicals take place. We found a M&M store which was just a-ma-zing! The second day, we went shopping on Oxford Street. I didn't buy lots of stuff, but I'll post my new things asap. We also went to Piccadilly Circus after the shopping on Oxford Street and in the evening we had a ride on the London Eye which was great too. Definitely want to go back once, it's a great city!

Love, Tamara

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Photo A Day

17 june - In your bag

As you know, I joined the Photo a Day challenge from fat mum slim. I thought of posting all my photos on this blog, but I made a new blog where I post all my photos from the challenge. You can find that blog here.

Have a nice sunday!

Love, Tamara

Saturday, 16 June 2012


Yes yes yes! I got a call last thursday at 15.50PM from my mentor asking me if I had the champagne ready. At that moment I just knew that I would be graduated! I already had lots of parties from friends who are also graduated and there are still more to come. Busy week coming up! Congratulations to everyone who graduated too! =)
Next year I'm going to study Communication and Multimedia Design at Rotterdam or Utrecht. Upcoming tuesday I have an interview at Rotterdam just to meet the teachers. I'm very exciting to go studying!!

Love, Tamara

Thursday, 14 June 2012


Last week (6th of june) we had prom at our school with all the graduating classes. Above you can see my arrival together with a friend - we hired a ricksha for that. I'm on the left. My dress looks really short, but it wasn't that short. They took the photo immediately after we jumped out of the ricksha, so I didn't have the time to pull my dress down haha. Walking on the red carpet was amazing, I almost felt like a celebrity! The party was great too.
Today is a nerve-racking day, because I'll get the results of my national exams. Am I graduated or not? I'll tell you as soon as possible!
Oh and by the way: ROME WAS AMAZING! =)

Love, Tamara

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Photo A Day

I got back from London on monday, but I'll tell you everything AFTER I'm back from Rome where I'm going to tomorrow! Just so you know: London was a-ma-zing! :) For now I just show you my photos from the photo a day challenge of june.

Day 01 - Morning
Our flight left friday morning at 08.40u, so it was really early. I made a photo out of the plane when we were flying above England!

 Day 02 - Empty
My plan was to write and send some postcards home, but unfortunately we couldn't find any mailboxes or post offices. I took them home with me empty.

Day 03 - On your plate
The one thing my friends and I really wanted to do in London was a high tea, so we did one on sunday.
We all got a stand with lots to eat on it. It was even so much, we didn't even got dinner that day haha!

Day 04 - Close-up
I bought this necklace at Forever 21 on Oxford Street. I wanted such a necklace for a long time. I even ordered one once at H&M, but when the package arrived they had sent me earrings instead of that necklace, because the necklace was probably out of stock. I'm really happy with it!

Day 05 - Sign
Today there's a prom at our school and yesterday my friend and I picked up our carriage - a ricksha. We definitely love all the signs on the back of it!

So tonight I have my prom at school. I have no cute hats for today's photo, so I guess I'm just taking a picture of my hair. I'm leaving for the hairdresser in half an hour, it's gonna look really pretty I hope!

Love, Tamara