Thursday, 19 April 2012

Trend Magazine

This year, we had to make a school project as our final assignment. A friend and I made a magazine, because we both love to read them or just look at all the great photos and designs in it! First we had to make a business plan and thereafter we made the product of our business: the magazine. The magazine is about trends in all kind of areas, so that's why we called our magazine TREND Magazine. I really loved doing it and I would definitely like to work in such business!

I have to hurry choosing a field of study and I'm thinking about Communication and Multimedia Design. Does anybody knows if this study fits well with the project I made? I wanna know, because I really liked doing it and I'm not sure if with this study I can end in such business. And if there are people studying this, where do you study it? I'm still doubting between Utrecht, Breda, Rotterdam or Amsterdam... I'm also still doubting if I rather wanna do an economic study... dilemmas!

Love, Tamara


  1. I hope you find a cool thing to study and I hope you're really happy with what you choose girl :) Also I really like your header to your blog, and the magazine seems really cool :)

  2. Zelfgemaakt? Wauw! Echt heel leuk om zoiets te doen.



Thank you! =)